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Healing from narcissistic abuse

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Dear old friend, I received your book in the mail today and just finished reading it in one session! I am overwhelmed with admiration for your courage. I always hoped you had it in you! This book is a tremendous resource and I'm sure I'll be able to use things from it in my own work as a spiritual director.

In the words of Mr. Spock, "I am now, and will always be, your friend."

Peace be with you.


I wanted to let you know I liked your book. I thought it was organized well. I liked the resources that you make available and everything you pointed out about abuse and what it is. 👍👍

"I liked it and was encouraged by your journey. I'm positive that you are making others feel that they too can face the same or similar obstacles.

- Mike

The Paper Doll Effect Healing from Narcissistic Abuse book

   Who am I?   

Under the extreme influence of a narcissistic misogynist, I lost my sense of self-identity. I became what he wanted to me to be and I forgot who I was. I didn’t know what I wanted or what I liked and had lost my view of God’s calling on my life. I had become translucent, like a paper doll, lacking depth and lacking purpose. I needed more than healing – I needed to be brought back to life.

In the midst of the chaos and confusion, God leaned in. So gently, He breathed on me, restored the edges of my fading existence, and cut the puppet strings.

In the midst of the chaos, God called to me….

My Dear Daughter,

You are my beloved, the one I cherish. I’ve seen you fading away under the pressure of negativity and insults – and I wept. I heard your cry for help – and I came to your rescue. I made you with purpose and design. You have a high calling and a unique place in this world and in my heart. Come to me, you who are so weary…rest in my arms and be restored. I will take your paper thin heart and breathe life back into it until it rises and falls with the thrum of beating wings once again.

All my love,



The Paper Doll Effect Healing from Narcissistic Abuse Book
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